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We are creating a new future. We specialize in research and development.

We have created a new type of engine. Universal UNIX engine 

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The UNIX engine is a universal engine with twice the efficiency of piston combustion engines.


It can be used as a UNIX2 combustion engine for direct machine drive, as well as a UNIX1 steam turbine for electricity production.


It can also be used as a pump or compressor. 


Patent filed in 2022, author Bc. Ladislav Ides, title: Rotary two-chamber engine.

We create 3D realistic visualizations: Video for the company PATAK MOTORS, more here.


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We develop hydrogen cars that can make a significant contribution to reducing car emissions

Today, more than ever, there is a growing need to store excess energy in the form of hydrogen.


The combination of solar panels and hydrogen generator is the ideal solution for single-family homes. Excess energy does not have to be stored in expensive batteries, but it is stored in hydrogen and can be used later to drive a car or power the house when necessary. Learn more here.

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future.


Not only is the hydrogen the most efficient fuel available and but in reaction with oxigen the generator of electricity produces only clean water as waste without any harmful emissions.

By the use of hydrogen as fuel we reduce environmental load on the environment whether by reducing harmful emissions of toxic gases or CO2 which enhances the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere but also in the hydrogen aggregates there is no necessity for the use of oil lubricants.

The use of hydrogen cars will significantly reduce smog in cities and also traffic noise.



Hydrogen cars eliminate lengthy recharging required by electric cars, the need to replace the batteries with new ones or poor efficacy in the cold. Hydrogen stations can easily replace the current petrol stations.


If costumer purchases also the solar hydrogen generator he becomes also completly independent on external sources and can produce sufficient amout of hydrogen for their own needs which can power the car or even the house. During parking in the garage the car automatically refuels and is ready to achieve distances up to 2000 km per refueling.


Reality already today

Such technologies are not only the music of the future but at this point are already being carried out in many parts of the planet.

Our aim is to bring affordability also to middle and lower class.

New generation of vehicles

Extreme quality, extreme design and extreme technology



Company XTREAM JSC carries out the manufacturing of hydrogen powered cars. We continue the current world trend, which is the transition to alternative energy sources and alternative drives.






In the first phase of the project we are developing an electric sport model and its small batch production. In the second phase, we plan to set up a production line in Slovakia not only for sports cars, but mostly conventional, affordable cars with electric drive, which will be produced in mass production and be more affordable than comparable vehicles from the competition.





We are aware of nowadays limited quality endurance and therefore all products manufactured by us will have a very long life span. Production is carried out by using modern technologies and materials.





Electric car XTREAM Shark excels in extreme design, 

quality and technology. Longer range and a higher acceleration is reached by low aerodynamic

 resistance of the vehicle and by use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber. The car will reach on a single charge range of at least 600 km. The car is unique in that it will use 4 synchronous motor units which will directly power the axle shaft and thus there will be no need for Transaxle.

News from home



Did you know that in the Czech Republic there are buses running on hydrogen?


Since 2009 in the Czech Republic a hydrogen bus has been tested. Hydrogen filling station works from the same year.

News from the world



From wind and water produced hydrogen

E.ON launched in trial operation in Falkenhagen new device that uses excessive electricity to produce hydrogen by electrolysis of water







Slovak K1 roadster Attak is a good basis for further adjustments

This is confirmed by the fact that the compound is used by several manufacturers to implement their plans, the latest Slovenian Tushek Supersports.







Tesla cars will ride for free.

Manufacturer of electric cars Tesla Motors will cover by two years its


network of "supercharger" stations in USA and Canada. Owners will be able to refuel completely for free.


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