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A production line for packing smaller boxes.


A Special requirement for lifting conveyors due to the fork lift trucks. There was a limited space for positioning of the robots.



  • proposal of disposal layout
  • solution of multi-level box movement
  • design of an ejector and change of box direction
  • slip design
  • design of the ridge slider
  • design of a table with suction cups
  • design of stands and grippers for robots
  • other structural elements

Table with suction cups


  • automatically positioned suction cups
  • box slider of 600mm
  • used 2 pneumatic cylinders
  • economic construction


Ejecter and box disperser


  • the ejector (left) is designed to eject individual boxes
  • branch (on the right is intended to temporarily redirect the direction flow of the boxes)
  • sheet metal construction used
  • pneumatic

Ridge slider for boxes


  • unlike competition we provided optimized low-cost solution
  • one pneumatic cylinder

Production line for pasta packing


The special requirement of packing the pasta on the shelf was solved by a tiltable grab handle that stores the pasta in a tilted box.




  • design of vertical pasta storage technology
  • production line layout
  • design of a robotic gripper
  • design of the box tilting
  • design of pedestals for robots
  • optimizing of the box cartridge

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