- Industrial design and construction

Industrial design, design and construction of prototypes, creation of 3D objects


It is designing, modeling and realization of prototypes and products in modern computer 3D programs.


  • 3D modeling of complex surfaces (car bodywork and other products, molds, castings, ergonomic products)
  • creates 3D models from scanned parts
  • conversion of surface objects to 3D objects


Design proposal of automotive and other surfaces in CAD programs.


Professional creation of product design according to customer requirements. Output in STEP, IGES, STL, WRL, PRT, SLDPRT and other formats.





Conversion of the scanned product to a 3D CAD model


It is used when you need to copy the product as accurately as possible and transfer it to a 3D environment for the purpose of accurate production.




Some of our solutions:

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