- Industrial design and construction

Construction in modern 3D CAD (Computer-aided design) systems


Areas of construction

  • Assembly lines
  • single-purpose machines
  • design elements
  • bodywork and other surfaces with complex shapes
  • supporting structures and equipment

Design parameters

  • functionality
  • ergonomics
  • security
  • saving material
  • low-cost production (mainly laser-burnt and bent sheets)


References for automation are presented here, industrial design here.


We can visualize the product using the most modern visualization software. More here.



  • production process analysis
  • checking solutions already proposed, whether they will work, or optimizing them
  • design a unique solution
  • creating a 3D concept
  • gross strength and weight analysis
  • basic force, static and dynamic calculations
  • attachment and supplied parts and bearings
  • calculations of drive implementation
  • calculations and implementation of transfers
  • a single 3D device build
  • calculation of load-bearing capacity of connecting elements
  • strength analysis of the finished model
  • checking standards, preparing for CE
  • model optimization  to reduce production cost
  • client consultation
  • drawing documentation, individual parts, welded assemblies, assembly sets
  • testing
  • patent research
  • patent applications
  • 3D Realistic Visualizations
  • 3D animation and simulation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKjzmD276hA





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