- Industrial design and construction

Calculations and simulations


When designing parts, beams, gears, shafts and other machine components, it is important to follow the prescribed standards.
With calculations and strength analyzes of beams and connecting parts of machines, we prevent undersizing and also oversizing.
Undersizing results in non-fulfillment of safety criteria and a shorter life of the machine.
Oversizing, in turn, makes production more expensive and also increases the often undesirable weight of the machine, which is reflected not only in the price of the machine but also in handling or transport costs.

Calculations and analyzes we provide:



  • calculations and analyzes for wooden and steel structures
  • static strength calculations and simulations
  • dynamic strength calculations and simulations
  • calculations implementation of drives
  • calculations and implementation of transfers
  • calculation of the bearing capacity of connecting elements
  • bearing life
  • vibrations and damping
  • heat transfer
  • pressures
  • malleability
  • machining cutting forces
  • welds

The design of the machine takes place in several stages:


  • function description
  • concept
  • device diagram
  • detailed elaboration in 3D CAD program
  • strength calculations
  • initial simulations
  • optimization
  • control simulations and strength analyses
  • production and subsequent testing
  • control of standards and preparation for CE certification

Sample calculation of cutting force when machining unalloyed steel:


When designing the fixture, it was first necessary to determine the basic cutting force for the given technological operation.
Subsequently, with the addition of safety coefficients and friction force, the necessary clamping force was determined. A strength calculation was made and the necessary preparation was designed based on this. The static strength analysis was done in the software using the finite element method. This was used in the documentation for CE certification.


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