- Industrial design and construction

The basic characteristics of a sports model Shark:


Special parameters: 

1. Auto Range is approximately 3000 km on a single charge.

2. Drive using 4 synchronous motors (higher efficiency, production CZ)

3. The maximum speed is 399 km / h

4. Warranty on batteries 10 years

5. Battery capacity after 10 years 80% of the original state (Lixxx - new type)

6. Rear vision camera system 180 located at one central display

7. ABS and ASR system

8. Drive 4x4

9. Power regeneration during braking (extended range)

10. Without transmission (reduces energy losses)

11. Without differential (speed of each wheel are controlled electronically)

12. Dashboard with LCD display (appearance, the user can modify)

13. Solar panels (slightly increased range, recharges at a standstill)

14. Carbon body reduces the weight of the vehicle (higher range)

15. Aerodynamic design and aggressive look (low drag coefficient)


There is a carbon fiber bodywork in preparation (monocoque).

Series: SHARK


Length: 4600 mm 

Width: 1900 mm 

Height: 1300 mm

The physical parameters

Standby weight: <1200 kg 

Number of doors: 2    

Seats: 2

Track front: 1622 mm 

Track rear: 1592 mm 

Wheelbase: 2550 mm 

Min. volume of luggage. space: 200 liters

Engine, power 

Motor type: 

  • synchronous electric motor 4x 

Engine location: front of the rear axle   

Powered axles: both axles

Transmission: no transmission

Number of gears: 1 + reverse


Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: <4 s


Fuel: electric cells, electro-hydrogen generator (hydrogen)


Serial dimension of tires

Serial pneu: 235/35 - 295/30 ZR 19

Breaks: Lamborghini Gal

Front brakes: disc brakes with inner cooling

Rear brakes: disc brakes with inner cooling

Standard equipment

Interior: Radio with CD, an external sound system, engine sound simulator for electric version, adjustable backlight appearance of the interior, lumbar support in front, central locking entry, electric windows, immobilizer, seat of advanced materials, leather steering wheel, armrest, multifunctional steering wheel, adjustable steering wheel, speedometer, trip computer, power steering, height adjustable seats.

Exterior: Full-size spare wheel, electric LCD CCTV back mirrors, aluminum wheels (alloy wheels), tinted glass, rear fog lights, front fog lights

Assistants ABS, ASR, EBD, ESP 

Air conditioning: optional, automatic

Number of airbags: 4 (front, side)

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